Books and Catalogues

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"Dark Poets" Exhibition, Catalog, p.2, Maryland Institute College of Art, 2008

"Click/Shift/Enter" Exhibition 1, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, September 2007, Catalog, p.4

"Perceptual Doubt" Exhibition, Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, ARTSLETTER, Vol. XXXII, No.4, pp.1,8,c.2007

"Feelings Are Facts: A Life", Yvonne Rainer, M.I.T. Press, Writing Art Series, c.2006, pp.385,410,428,452

"Raw Magazine", Vol. 1 No. 3, 1981, p. 44, original text by James Barth,illustrated by Patrice Caire

4th Annual San Diego International Film Festival, c.1981, Catalog, p. 19

"Raw Magazine", Vol. 1 No. 1, 1980, p. 20, original text by James Barth,illustrated by Patrice Caire

"Collective Consciousness: Art Performance in the Seventies", c. 1980 Performing Arts Journal Publications and Jean Dupuy, edited by Jean Dupuy
pp. 29,40,42,46 50,162,163

"Yvonne Rainer Work 1961-73", Yvonne Rainer, Presses of Nova Scotia College of Art and New York University, c. 1974,pp.161,190,196,198,201,221,241,242,246,247,

Articles and Reviews

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Internationaler Kunstmarkt Koln 1977, Katalog, review of “Trifid Narrative” by John Howell, p. 224

Kunstforum International, Band 24, 6/77, review of “Trifid Narrative by Georg F. Schwarzbauer, pp. 78,79

The Soho Weekly News, April 7, 1977, review of “Trifid Narrative” by Wendy Perron, p. 33

Art Forum, February 1975, review of “Aces and Eights” by Noel Carroll

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